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5 Tips and tricks for your wedding!

February 17, 2019


The tips and tricks of planning a wedding, and your wedding day! Wow! What a loaded topic!


  1. REAL flowers! I can not stress enough how real flowers can make your day! If you are on a budget there are so many ways around this to stay on track. From arranging your own flowers, to really getting in there and talking to your favorite vendor about what is within your price range. A good florist is an artist, and it does not go without notice. It photographs so well, and its a cute idea to send home with important guests (or vendors) as their parting gifts as a thank you!
  2. BUDGETS- the dreaded topic. Find your budget. Stick with it. It is important not to go into debt over a wedding. You are just starting your life, do that on a solid note! Figure out what part of your wedding is most important and allot that money accordingly. There are so many apps available to use. Myself I had a paper and pencil planner and I wrote down costs. I shopped around to certain vendors and found prices. You want to make sure that if this vendor is someone you can’t imagine your day without, that you work with them. Ask if there is another option within your budget. Always know that you can move money around to secure your favorite vendors. It is important that this day goes on without hiccups, and sometimes that means sacrificing one thing for another.
  3. Always vet your vendors- Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations, or reviews! Many of us have it posted to our websites. Your vendors should be someone you trust fully with your day. From food to flowers to photographs. Make sure that you connect with your vendor on a personal level. A good vendor is just as excited about your day as you are. This is important to them. I love couples that shop local, and use as many small businesses as possible!
  4. Emergency kits! This is a big deal- make sure on your wedding day you have all kind of things with you. Bottle water for hot days, tweezers, clear nail polish (that stuff is MAGIC!), tampons, kleenex, snacks, scissors, sewing kit, tape, lint rollers, a tide pen, bandaids, toothbrush, tums, pepto, bug spray, Advil, bobby pins, safety pins, hair spray, baby powder, phone charger, cash, nail file, oil absorbing sheets. These are just a few things that I have found handy in previous weddings that were totally needed!
  5. Your photographer. This is a touchy subject for some. (yes, I know this is my line of work, but I have to school you!) Always find a photographer that you mesh with. Make sure that they have solid work, ask around about them. Find out how many weddings they have shot. Make sure that they know the ins and outs of a wedding day. This is important. I cannot stress this enough. Most importantly, make sure they have a contract. Read it. Make sure you are covered in it as well. Ask to see a few images or a slide show. Talk to them about their worst wedding, and their best. Remember guys, they are people too. Communication is key. Let them know all about your big day! Down to the details. I promise its what they want to hear! A good photographer can make a low budget wedding look like a million dollars. Myself, I would go back and change my big day and have the photographer I want, florals and food, and skip the rest. When the day is over all that remains is your photographs and love for each other. Pick wisely.


More to come soon!


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