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I  love adventure. Adventure is not limited to the mountains, beach or scenic route. Adventure can be in your own back yard, marrying the person of your dreams with 5 people to celebrate with. Adventure is doing what your heart desires, when it desires. Adventure is a lifestyle, one where you know what you want and go for it. 

 My photography style has more of a storyteller vibe. I create moments of laughter and love and true emotion. I want you to remember the way you felt in that specific moment, rather than a generic "smile at the camera" moment. 
If you're into the experience of creating lasting memories that you can look back on years, keep scrolling! I can't wait to meet you!
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Hi, Im Hilary!

Charlotte North Carolina Wedding Photographer

My thick southern accent, my love of cats and cheese, shopping, wearing Birkenstocks with almost everything, I love to sing and dance (I didn't say I was good!), my weird laugh, and my love of Target. Oh, and bad grammar as my best friend likes to point out. 

what I'm known for:

I am an worldwide and local award winning, published and featured photographer, but really what is that?  Get to know the real me! The person who will be all up in your business on your wedding day! (Quite literally!)

Yall, let me start by saying I am a complete nerd. I crack jokes, have fun and try to keep things as silly as I can. I am a mother to a wild and crazy 6 year old daughter, and wife to a supportive husband. I am a self proclaimed cat lady, but honestly I am just an animal person. I love music, of all kinds, and still quite frequently go to concerts and my circa 2005 "emo" band shows! Do not get me started singing 90s music, because its game over! I love to travel, even if its a simple day trip. I live for belly laughs, and smiles. What is a day without laughter? Not one I want to be a part of! I love craft beer and breweries, sunsets, binge watching Netflix, reading, and keeping a positive outlook on life.
I am open-minded and love to learn. There is something new to learn in every single day, and every single person you meet. 
I live for love, I believe in the fairytale. I know there is someone out there for everyone. I believe in that notebook worthy type love. 

I can't wait to meet you!


MEET Hilary

I haven't met a client yet that hasn't became a good friend. Throughout our meetings, many phone calls, distressed text messages when something isn't going your way, we build a bond. Your day is important to me. I am here, always. Even if i am deep into a Netflix binge watching who knows what (because I'm OBVI addicted) I am here. 

I treat you like family.

what makes me different

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

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