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Sarah & Dustin

November 15, 2019

Sarah and Dustin got married at the beautiful Laboratory Mills in Lincolton North Carolina. The day was made perfect with tacos and QUESO. Yes, I said QUESO! Let me be clear for a minute,  any time tacos or queso is mentioned in real life, I am game.

Their day was made perfect by Kayla Sherrin, one of the most wonderful and helpful wedding planners I have met yet!

Laboratory Mills was such a unique venue. They had a beautiful cross (filled with amazing flowers by Carolina Roses – an amazing florist local to the area! ) They had an amazing Bridal suite and the reception area was to die for.

Sarah and Dustin are both some of the sweetest, and kindest people I have ever met. With an amazing sense of humor! Their day was filled with laughter, sweet tears, and friends and family.



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